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Squeak Tutorial
Last updated at 8:39 am UTC on 11 March 2007
This is the first project of the new Squeak Documentation Team. It will teach a programmer who is new to Squeak the essential skills to being a good Squeak and Morphic developer. The scope of this tutorial is open; please leave comments at the discussion page.

General Guidelines

Table of Contents

  1. Installing and Running Squeak
  2. The Smalltalk Language
  3. Classes and Methods in Squeak
    1. Introduction to The Browser
    2. Creating a Unit test (?)
    3. Creating a StockTickerServer class
      1. Introduction to Collections
      2. Building the class
    4. Running the unit test to confirm that the StockTickerServer class works
  4. Introduction to Morphic
    1. (Create a widget and control window for a StockTickerMorph) (?)