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DOC's Beginners Blog
Last updated at 12:21 pm UTC on 4 February 2007
This is me: Derek O'Connell and this is my "This Is Not A Blog" Blog.

04/02/07: Trying to figure out how to embed images in my creations, hmmm... I need a ImageCoderMorph

13/10/06: Not a day to be doing anything risky but on recovering from the flu I finally get around to starting my DOC's Demo's series.

07/10/06 - 13/10/06: While suffering flu I heriocally persist in my Squeak/Smalltalk studies by continuing to to read "Smalltalk By Example" (Smalltalk & Squeak books), working my way through the excellent "Dynamic Object-Oriented Programming with Smalltalk" presentations (http://www.iam.unibe.ch/~scg/Teaching/Smalltalk/index.html) and learning about Seaside.

06/10/06: Finally getting somewhere, here's a pic of the first version of my FTSE100 leaderboard. More to come.

Uploaded Image: LeaderBoard.jpeg