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Last updated at 3:01 pm UTC on 20 October 2006
I start this as homenage to Jim Benson, "mi capitan" on SBlog team.
Also for lean from a master and end the continuos complaints about Squeak don't have a Windows look (what I hate)
At this point, I have Zurgle working on 3.7 (I wish have a way to load on SqueakLight also), produce a first .mcz and start to find my way in troublesome Monticello bussiness of having a mix of old classes not in modern images, out of package naming conventions , etc.

Also I made a ZurgleThemes class and a ZurgleThemes.obj of 1.1 mb.
As comparation info, in my Mac the Blog folder is 1.6 mb and the Luna 476 k.

First try to load and work in Squeak 3.7 here


Know bugs:
If you wish 'Borg' theme, at this time should type Borg in Zurgle Preference Pane

ScreenProperties editProperties

Mandatory screenshot
Uploaded Image: Picture 1.jpg