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IRC Portal
Last updated at 9:41 am UTC on 15 September 2023

Welcome to the Squeak IRC channels!

This is the place to come to hang out with people interested in Squeak and related software. Ask us any questions! We're especially interested in helping newcomers. We have a number of channels on the Libera network.

A channel there:

We used to operate (on Freenode):

How to connect

Remember to use your favorite web search engine for more about specific topics. Here also are some other good places to visit, for context and useful information:

The Homepage

Go here first to learn about Squeak.


Note in particular the Quick References and collection of Free Smalltalk/Squeak Books.

Squeak Swiki

This has more Squeak documentation and should be your third destination (actually you are already on that site since this page is a part of the Squeak Swiki).

The Code Catalog

See all the code that can be instantly installed from Squeak's package manager.

The Community site ("Squeak People")

See who else is in the community, and participate in longer-term discussions.

The Mailing Lists

Discuss day-to-day Squeak-related issues with the developer community. The most popular ones are listed here

The IRC channel paste bot

Paste bulk text information (like debug stacks or method sources) via this web interface to avoid flooding.

The Squeak Project-hosting Site ("SqueakSource")

This is a central hosting area for code development via Monticello, Squeak's native version-control package.

IRC channel log archive until 2021

See what has happened in the channel previously

Again, Welcome!