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Plan for 3.10 iteration 1
Last updated at 3:09 am UTC on 13 April 2007
January 2007:

The plan is to unload as much as we can from the 3.9 without breaking to many things.

In the first iteration this means to have a KernelImage into which one can load a MinimalMorphic.

If a package have now Monticello way for unload/ load and is not in MinimalMorphic , I unload.

(What does the previous sentence actually say hjh ?)

At this time, no unload of EToys, still working on experiments of how reshape the actual packages for safer posterior load.

Whoose what wish, could use Juan Vuletich script for unload

Here the steps to follow for convert 3.9 final to 3.10 alpha.

And I go back to old friend ReleaseBuilder for this buildup.

I provide a ready to run for final user image also, for people what just wish start to work.

Start from a fresh Squeak3.9-final-7067.image

Experimental Automated Process

see http://squeak310.pbwiki.com for details – kph

Manual Process

In a Workspace type and do it

(HTTPSocket httpGet: 'squeak.warwick.st/Installer.st') fileIn.

When Installer is ready, type and do it.

Installer installUrl: 'http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/uploads/5908/ReleaseBuilder.cs'

In the time ( a minutes) you could drink a cofee or orange juice

The two important lines was

#('SMLoader' 'SMBase' 'Flash' 'StarSqueak' 'SmaCC' 'ScriptLoader' 'Speech' 'Movies' 'FixUnderscores' 'OB' 'OmniBrowser' ) do:[:ea| (MCPackage named: ea) unload ].
#(TheWorldMenu FileServices AppRegistry Preferences FileList) do: [:cl| (Smalltalk at: cl) removeObsolete].

In the end, we choose use Universes for the load of packages


Second Iteration

Type in a Workspace and do it:

| ladrillos |
ladrillos := Installer squeaksource.
ladrillos project: 'Ladrillos';
 install: 'Tests-edc.25.mcz'
('Tests' 'SUnitGUI' 'SUnit' ) do:[:ea| (MCPackage named: ea) unload ]. 
#(TheWorldMenu FileServices AppRegistry Preferences FileList) do: [:cl| (Smalltalk at: cl) removeObsolete].

Thursday, 11 January 2007, 11:12:28 am, squeak
Morphic Classes what seems never used

SystemOrganization classifyAll: #(BorderedStringMorph DropDownChoiceMorph MouseActionIndicatorMorph CommandTilesMorph
TestClickExerciser SpectrumAnalyzerMorph FishEyeMorph SoundDemoMorph MultiuserTinyPaint KidNavigationMorph CodecDemoMorph BlobMorph PluggableMultiColumnListMorphByItem SoundMorph SubpaneDividerMorph
RolloverButtonMorph ClipboardMorph VeryPickyMorph ClassRepresentativeMorph PhraseWrapperMorph WatchMorph
UpdatingTextMorph PluggableTabBarMorph PartsWindow HeadingMorph ZoomMorph UpdatingStringMorphWithArgument SoundSequencerMorph
ImageMorphWithSpotlight TinyPaint InfoStringMorph UpdatingBooleanStringMorph DrawErrorMorph ViewerRow
BalloonRectangleMorph AnimatedImageMorph ViewerEntry MidiInputMorph CachingMorph MovingEyeMorph MIDIPianoKeyboardMorph
DoubleClickExample MorphExample RulerMorph LabelStringMorph) under:

(MCPackage named: 'Morphic-CandidatesForGo') unload .
#(TheWorldMenu FileServices AppRegistry Preferences FileList) do: [:cl| (Smalltalk at: cl) removeObsolete].

3 timesRepeat: [Smalltalk garbageCollect].

I put 'Morphic-CandidatesForGo' into Ladrillos, for any what miss this unused classes

Friday, 13 April 2007, 3:08:29 am, squeak
DropDownChoiceMorph is a GUI widget that is not used but could be much so. Please Keep
TestClickExersicer serves as a demo of doubleclicking. Its real purpose is to provide testing for clickstate improvements. Please Keep.
DoubleClickExample is the old (and out of date version) of above. Please Remove.
RulerMorph gives very useful feedback on rectangle extent. Very useful for testing stuff. Please keep.
MovingEyeMorph is an amusing example. Also part of the squeak logo character that used to be on the front page.
AnimatedImageMorph holds animated gifs. Please Keep.
BalloonRectangleMorph is the example for Matrix3x2Transform stuff. Matrix3x2 stuff is used by truetypefonts. The BRM is a useful for finding/demoing bugs in M3x2 stuff.