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Fast binary format
Last updated at 12:48 pm UTC on 10 March 2009


Alexandre Bergel (alexandre.bergel@gmail.com
Stephane Ducasse (stephane.ducasse@gmail.com)

Project Outline

Monticello is widely recognized as a scalable and robust versioning and packaging system. However, a crucial feature is still missing. Source code is still the primary support to save and load applications. The idea of this project is to take the existing binary support, enhance it and incorporate it into Monticello.

This require the development of a package format to be able to load fast code without recompiling source code and supporting atomic loading of code as in professional Smalltalk environments.

Technical Details

Knowledge about the VM bytecode is definitely a plus. A proper representation of the Monticello meta-model will have to be defined in the binary format

Benefits to the Student

Great potential to have a huge impact in terms of users and feedback.
The student will learn a crucial part of Squeak and will be able to gather precious knowledge about Monticello.

Benefits to the Community

Ideally, every user of Monticello (more than 1900 are listed on www.squeaksource.com) will find a benefit in this project.