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list of Mantis issues not ready to be included
Last updated at 11:06 am UTC on 20 July 2007
Not harvested and why.

0006475: BlockClosure comparaison goes to an infinit loop when closure inline himself . No clear if resolved or not for me

http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php?id=6331 On Mantis gives me APPLICATION ERROR #1100 Issue 6331 not found.

0005698: Behavior -nonMetaSubclassesDo: references an undeclared variable No code on Mantis
0006352: [ENH] PositionableStream-peekFor: is not ANSI Don't seems very important, if you said I should put, I put

0006351: Adds String class-space I think what I do it, but clear I'm not. I'm doing now
0006350: WriteStream-ensureEndsWith: to generalize WriteStreamensureASpace Same here and both of Damien. Wonder if was the day what I was chatting with Damien and forget save the work...

From Keith list
0006466: LazyListMorph-listChaged fixuploaded to squeak-dev Jerome question that. I trust he

0004740: [ENH] Meaningless yes/no confirmation popups "While searching how to change this I found several different ways to implement confirm:... so this should probably refactored by someone that has a better idea of how it should be done than me."
If reporter saids that....

0006180: Use memoryHogs and freeSomeSpace If you said this should go I put
0006440: [FIX] UndoBehaviorHash-md This is what break morph load/unload. I send notice