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3.10 regression tests based on Package Universe
Last updated at 3:54 pm UTC on 4 October 2007
The 3.10 release comes with a Package Universe loaded with packages. Most (but not all) of them can load and seem to work, but many of them have troubles when you try to run all the tests.

We are building a regression testing system based on Package Universe. The idea is that we will have a list of packages that should work. We will test an image by repeatedly starting up the image, loading a package, and then running all the tests. We are currently building a system to do this automatically. You can see the current results at http://speedy.cs.uiuc.edu/~johnson/testResults/3.10beta.7143.html

The problem is that many packages cannot run the tests automatically. Some crash the system. Some pop up a notifier and require a user to press button to continue. Other packages have no tests of their own, so even if changes to the image break the package, the tests will not show it. Whatever the reason, things have to be cleaned up before Package Universe can be used for regression testing. Please help us by suggesting packages that are suitable for automated testing.

Here is a list of packages that don't work. We are looking for a package that can run the tests automatically in the latest 3.10 image, even if huge number of tests fail. Don't bother to try squeak-dev or squeak-web because they include many packages, some of which fail. We need to test their components. Please try out various packages and let me know if they suitable for automated testing.