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FunSqueak 3.10
Last updated at 10:29 pm UTC on 4 December 2007
Here I put all problems what users discover.
FunSqueak 3.10 is normal 3.10 at 7105,image with some unoficial tricks for have old projects into.
It's a work in pogress, (3.10 is alpha so )

For muO , Musical Objects for Squeaks http://www.zogotounga.net/comp/squeak/sqgeo.htm
I forget what it needs additional files
muo books.zip

Stef sayz:
muO is designed to be an application so it may not integrate smoothly in FunSqueak; also remember it is still in development.
so I guess the FunSqueak muO can help people have an idea of what it is, but if interested they should go and install the latest version in a fresh image.
and of course report bugs :)

For actualize this image.

Installer mantis bug: 6350 fix: 'WriteStream-EnsureEndsWith.1.cs'.
Installer mantis bug: 6350 fix: 'WriteStreamTest-testEnsureEndsWith.1.cs'.
Installer mantis bug: 6351 fix: ' StringClass-space.1.cs'.
Installer mantis bug: 6351 fix: 'StringTest-testSpace.1.cs '.
Installer mantis bug: 6438 fix: 'IntervalReverseDoFix.1.cs'.
Installer mantis bug: 6462 fix: 'PluggableListMorph-basicKeyPressed.cs'.
Installer mantis bug: 5831 fix: 'ChangeSorterNotes-wiz.2.cs'.
Installer mantis bug: 4825 fix: 'ChangesOrganizer310.st'.

Note: If Installer don't found, download and install via fileList.
Soon I do some more easy

Tuesday, 4 December 2007, 10:29:18 pm, squeak
I actualize FunSqueak, see pict below