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Rodney Walker
Last updated at 6:45 pm UTC on 18 December 2004
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dfcrWell, my name is Rodney and I'm a second-year PhD student here at Georgia Tech in the College of Computing. I originally worked with Amy Bruckman for the first 5 quarters here, but I'm switching to working with Mark because our research interests seem to be more in line.

Anyway, my interests lie in music, math and science. Music because everybody listens to it and loves it (including me), and math and science because I like them, and I feel that there needs to be a more concerted effort in teaching it to children.

I've always had a big interest in those two subjects, but I never really felt they were done any justice in school. If not taught in a boring way, they're seen as being disconnected, which they're not. Lots of our daily lives revolves around them, but they're so prevalent and intertwined with everything else that we don't see them.

So anyway, Mark and I are looking at using music to help teach kids about the beauty (and yes, I did say beauty) of math and science, and how fun and cool they can be. This work is at least partially influenced by work that Nichole Pinkard has done at the University of Michigan concerning teaching kids to read using similar techniques.

So that's me summed up slightly. More on my personal homepage, which hasn't been properly updated in forever.