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Last updated at 10:26 am UTC on 24 March 2017
You may choose a custom theme for the halos (HaloMorphs).


The method #customHaloSpecs defines which halos are displayed.

"Intended for you to modify to suit your personal preference. What is implemented in the default here is just a skeleton; in comment at the bottom of this method are some useful lines you may wish to paste in to the main body here, possibly modifying positions, colors, etc..
Note that in this example, we include:
Dismiss handle, at top-left
Menu handle, at top-right
Resize handle, at bottom-right
Rotate handle, at bottom-left
Drag handle, at top-center
Recolor handle, at left-center. (this one is NOT part of the standard formulary –
it is included here to illustrate how to
add non-standard halos)
Note that the optional handles for specialized morphs, such as Sketch, Text, PasteUp, are also included"

^ #(
(addDismissHandle: left top (red muchLighter) 'Halo-Dismiss')
(addMenuHandle: right top (red) 'Halo-Menu')
(addDragHandle: center top (brown) 'Halo-Drag')
(addGrowHandle: right bottom (yellow) 'Halo-Scale')
(addScaleHandle: right bottom (lightOrange) 'Halo-Scale')

(addRecolorHandle: left center (green muchLighter lighter) 'Halo-Recolor')

(addPaintBgdHandle: right center (lightGray) 'Halo-Paint')
(addRepaintHandle: right center (lightGray) 'Halo-Paint')
(addFontSizeHandle: leftCenter bottom (lightGreen) 'Halo-FontSize')
(addFontStyleHandle: center bottom (lightRed) 'Halo-FontStyle')
(addFontEmphHandle: rightCenter bottom (lightBrown darker) 'Halo-FontEmph')
(addRotateHandle: left bottom (blue) 'Halo-Rot')

(addDebugHandle: right topCenter (blue veryMuchLighter) 'Halo-Debug')
(addPoohHandle: right center (white) 'Halo-Pooh')


" Other useful handles...

selector horiz vert color info icon key
——— —— ———– ——————————- —————

(addTileHandle: left bottomCenter (lightBrown) 'Halo-Tile')
(addViewHandle: left center (cyan) 'Halo-View')
(addGrabHandle: center top (black) 'Halo-Grab')
(addDragHandle: rightCenter top (brown) 'Halo-Drag')
(addDupHandle: right top (green) 'Halo-Dup')
(addHelpHandle: center bottom (lightBlue) 'Halo-Help')
(addFewerHandlesHandle: left topCenter (paleBuff) 'Halo-FewerHandles')
(addPaintBgdHandle: right center (lightGray) 'Halo-Paint')
(addRepaintHandle: right center (lightGray) 'Halo-Paint')

See also How to change the size of the halos