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DeltaStreams release 0.1
Last updated at 4:01 pm UTC on 10 November 2007
DeltaStreams 0.1 is available on SqueakMap. Since it is meant to move changes between radically different squeak forks, DeltaStreams runs in a lot of squeak releases. It is distributed as a .sar file for each supported squeak. It is not available on universes at this time.


DeltaStreams 0.1 is available for Squeak 3.9, Squeak 3.10, and Croquet. It is available as a .sar installer for each platform. It is not available through universes at this time. To install:

You can run the tests by selecting all tests in category DeltaStreams-Tests (in the new test runner), or all tests named DSDelta* (in the old test runner). 128 tests should run (you may need to type your initials and press proceed twice), and 87 should pass.

For usage instructions, see DeltaStreams User Guide.

What is in release 0.1

What is NOT in release 0.1