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DeltaStreams User Guide
Last updated at 9:05 am UTC on 2 November 2007
To create deltas, do World Menu -> open... -> Delta Stream Browser. You will see a tool not unlike a normal browser. A screenshot is at the bottom of this page

 |    Delta    |  Class      |    Class    |  Method     |   Method    |
 |    List     |  Category   |    List     |  Category   |   List      |
 |             |  List       |             |  List       |             |

 |                           |                                         |
 |   Change List             |        Code Pane                        |
 |                           |                                         |

In fact, the tool is a normal browser with two extra panes on the left side. The delta list contains a single entry 'Live Image', which is a pseudo-delta containing all the code in the image. There is not enough functionality imelemented to make use of it, so just ignore it for now. Other than that, both the delta list and the change list are empty, since there are no deltas in the image yet. To create a delta,
right-click in the delta list and select new delta.... Enter a name. Then select the new delta, right-click, and select start logging. The delta will now watch the system for changes and add them to the delta when that happens. There is no way yet to modify a delta from the UI
other than by logging system changes.

To apply or revert changes, select either the delta in the delta list, or a set of changes in the change list, right-click, and choose apply or revert. Due to a bug, you may need to apply or revert twice to take full effect.

As a convenience, you can select all changes for a particular class by selecting a delta, browsing to a class, right-clicking, and choosing 'Select class changes'.

Note that when applying or reverting changes, the changes will be logged in any logging deltas. You may want to stop the deltas from logging before doing this, or you may want to record the fact that you reverted some changes in the delta log.

Filing out deltas is supported in preliminary form. Right-click a delta and choose 'file out delta'. A .dsz file will be created in the same directory as the image. You can load the delta into the UI by dropping
it into the image or via the file list. Upon load, the delta is just added to the delta list in the UI. It is not applied, reverted, or anything else.