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Welcome text for the 3.10
Last updated at 6:58 pm UTC on 1 March 2008
The Welcome text is inside a window. Translations of this text should be available.


Welcome text for the 3.10 release

Welcome to Squeak - an open Smalltalk system.

Squeak is an open source implementation of Smalltalk that includes an expansive and rapidly developing world of objects.
Squeak includes a fully integrated development environment, networking, sound synthesis and sampling, speech synthesis, 2 & 3D graphics, arithmetic and data structure libraries.

Squeak even includes the tools to produce its own virtual machine (VM) so you can build your own - and most of the VM is written in Smalltalk. Not only is all the Smalltalk source code included and changeable, it is also completely open and free. The Squeak system image runs bit-identically across all platforms, and VMs are available for just about every computer and operating system available.

The Package Universe Browser is an easy way to find packages that work with Squeak 3.10. To use it, click on -> "SUUniverseBrowser open", then "update list from network", then select the packages you want and install them. Try "squeak-dev" to load a powerful set of development addons, or "squeak-web" to load a set of web development tools.

To find out exactly which version of Squeak this is click on -> "SystemVersion current"

Further Documentation
The primary website for Squeak is
and it linkes to a large amount of online information, including a wiki. There are many active mailing lists; Squeak-newbies is especially good for those new to Smalltalk, while squeak-dev is the main list. Please join a list!

The Squeak License
Squeak is distributed for use and modification subject to a liberal open source license. See the main Squeak website for details. Unless stated to the contrary, works submitted for incorporation into or for distribution with Squeak shall be presumed subject to the same license.

Portions of Squeak are:

Copyright (c) 1996 Apple Computer, Inc.
Copyright (c) 1997-2001 Walt Disney Company, and/or
Copyrighted works of many other contributors.
All rights reserved.