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Last updated at 5:09 am UTC on 5 June 2008

Project goal:


List of contributors:

 Igor Stasenko
 Klaus D. Witzel

Currently we working on:


Nearest goal is to make a system capable running in simulated mode, to test initial implementation of basic
object memory model & message sending semantics.
After this stage we'll be focused on providing a compiler layer for compiling lambdas down to native code.
We plan to use Exupery as backend for generating machine code.

Then, a facility will be to autoconvert Squeak classes to new object memory and for replacing Squeak's primitives by new native methods.

The system will be fully implemented in Smalltalk. We think that future VMs will require a tiny bootstrap C executable which provides minimal set of functions to be able to load an image and start it.
As small as:
int main(int argc, char**argv)
  image = loadImage();
  entryPoint = findEntryPoint(image, ARCHITECTURE, PLATFORM);


[x] - implemented
[~] - under construction
[ ] - planned