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Last updated at 5:50 pm UTC on 26 May 2018
ThingLab written in Smalltalk-78 is available running in a browser on a Javascript VM.

ThingLab for Squeak 3.8


ThingLab is availible for Squeak 3.8: http://www.squeaksource.com/ThingLab.html. The original sources (for Squeak 2.3) are availible at: ftp://ftp.squeak.org/goodies/ThingLab/

To install and run:

I have tested all this in a Squeak 3.8 imageMatthew Fulmer
  1. ThingLab uses selectors with periods in their names. I am not sure why yet. File in ThingLab-Parser.cs
  2. Install the package from the SqueakSource Repository
  3. File in ThingLab-Postscript.cs to initialize the core prototypes
  4. Open an MVC project
  5. From the World Menu, do open > ThingLab Browser

So far, I have been able to reproduce the QTheorem demo from chapter 2 of the ThingLab book. You can try it out, but you will first need to file in MidPointLine.st.

You may get walkbacks when trying this; this is because ThingLab uses it's own custom DisplayMedium (appropriately named DisplayRegionHack) rather than Form, and it does not understand color. I am working on this at the moment.

After loading ThingLab, Monticello will not be able to manipulate the ThingLab package. I posted a bug report and a fix; file it in if you want to manipulate the ThingLab package. This is not required to run ThingLab.

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