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Alejandro Aguirre
Last updated at 4:22 pm UTC on 17 July 2009
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Hi, my name is Alejandro Aguirre, I live in Sunchales (Argentina) and I am very interested in this wonderful world that is squeak.

My Data:

Some Squeak projects in which I worked:


This is a viewer of performance counters of a network servers. Was developed in Squeak 3.9, using Seaside and Scriptaculous.
The application consists of an object model that allows you to view at all times in what condition is each server. That model is updated in background from relational databases.


Cards Games:

This project was called "Ceibo" and the development team was formed by several people (mostly Argentineans, hence the project name).
This is a series of card games, where players can set their own avatars and interact with each other.
Was developed using the SWT framework (Smalltalk Web Toolkit), which has an architecture based on Comet and a Smalltalk client made through a translator of Smalltalk-JavaScript code.
The project site is http://ceibo.wordpress.com/category/general/, and the code is in http://www.squeaksource.com/ under the name: "Cards Game".


Virtual Museum Web

It is a set of isometric rooms forming an virtual museum.
There, visitors can enter, choose an avatar, move through the rooms, interact with each other, and view the contents of the museum.
Was developed using SWT, and a framework 3C for arm the isometric rooms.
The code is in http://www.squeaksource.com/ under the name: "Museo Virtual Web".



It consists of several multimedia units on cultural and historical sites of the "Via de la Plata" where it passes through the region of Extremadura (Spain).
This is a project based on morphs using the FMA framework.
The team was comprised of four developers from different points of Argentina.
The site is: http://igosoftware.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/primeros-pantallazos-del-proyecto-albaplata/, and the code is in http://www.squeaksource.com/ under the name: "Albaplata".



This is a web application-oriented record of purchases, sales, products and customers, designed for small businesses.
This project is still in development, and is using Squeak 3.10, Seaside and Scriptaculous. The data is persisted using the base object "Magma."


Currently I am interested in:

Other occupations:

Thanks to all who are helping me in this way, specially to Germán Arduino.