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Sean DeNigris
Last updated at 2:09 am UTC on 16 April 2010
March 2010: I just found Squeak after watching Alan Kay's TED Talk and I'm rapidly falling down the rabbit hole! I envision a world of my own design where I never have to leave my Squeak image, and I'm totally, seemlessly, personally supported in what matters to me, without any multi-billion-dollar corporate BS forced down my throat ;-)

My top priorities for Squeak as an Open Personal Computing environment:
1. A fully featured web browser - not important for browsing per se, but to pull content at any granularity (even to a single phrase or word) into a Squeak world
2. Full email - once and for all be rid of ridiculous metaphors - who the hell keeps all their personal (real-world) mail in multiple named mailboxes!! Please, cut the BS. What's needed is being able to pull messages, or any part of them, out into any place in the world, not a contrived "email app."
3. PDF Viewer - to be able to deal with PDF docs like any other composite morph, and pick and pull apart to our satisfaction.