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How to create a new SqueakMap Release
Last updated at 8:05 pm UTC on 16 September 2018
To create a new release of an existing SqueakMap package:

  1. Open the SqueakMap Catalog.
  2. Find the package to create a new release for. (New Packages can only be registered via the web-interface).
  3. Select the release on which the new release should be based. (Although, ancestry is not needed or used in SqueakMap, so it should, alternatively be fine to select the main-level package).
  4. Select "Create new Release" from the context menu.
  5. The SqueakMap Release browser is opened.
  6. If this is just a new release of a fixed configuration, there is a convenience function on the script-pane menu, "update with loaded versions". See screenshot, below. Be sure to check very carefully if you use that function.
  7. The installation script should be written to follow the SqueakMap Publishing Guidelines.
  8. Fill in all of the fields. Hover over them to see balloon help about what goes in there. Press Command+S to save their contents of each field.
  9. When all fields are filled in, press the "Save" button.
  10. An HTTP communication is made with the SqueakMap server, the script file is uploaded into your personal directory of files, and a new release for the package is created. The Release window is closed.