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Last updated at 7:16 pm UTC on 1 October 2014

We're having a Camp Smalltalk on Vancouver Island!

More details will be added as needed - look for some recommendations for hotels etc soon.
feel free to add your ride, accomodation tips or topics you would like to talk about.
user: squeak,
pwd: viewpoints

2221 McGarrigle Road
Nanaimo, BC V9S 4M4
On Google Maps this can be found at https://www.google.com/maps/place/2221+McGarrigle+Rd,+Nanaimo,+BC+V9S+4M4,+Canada/@49.1930054,-123.9825641,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x5488a2288d17687f:0xacb6cc285f045d76
and you can add your own starting location to get directions.
  1. fly to Victoria, Nanaimo or Comox or even Qualicum Beach. Or to Vancouver and (when weather permits) then ferry or even floatplane to Nanaimo. The floatplanes leave from the YVR south terminal and the cost is about the same as a taxi to Tsawwassen ferry terminal + walk-on ferry ticket. Nanaimo airport is quite a long way from town and frequently fogged in.
  2. BC Ferries (http://www.bcferries.com) to Nanaimo at either Duke Point or Departure Bay. The latter is much closer and therefore easier for us to arrange a lift, or simply cheaper for a taxi ride. Ferries can take cars but that can be expensive. It takes about 2hrs and in good weather the views are spectacular. You might even see Dolphins or Whales.
  3. shuttle service 26$ a ride to downtown from either Duke Point ferry terminal or Nanaimo Airport. http://www.nanaimoairporter.com/ or contact Sebastian he might pick you up.
  4. swim. But not recommended. See above mention of Whales. They're Orca. You are lunch.
  5. drive. If you have an amphibious vehicle, go for it.

  1. The Grand Hotel: Ask us for the code.
  2. Coast Bastion Inn: Ask us for the code.

  1. Thursday 2nd, 6pm: Meet at Coast Bastion Inn lobby look for a restaurant in downtown: "Say Hallo" Night, among early birds
  2. Friday 3rd all day: Makerspace, arrival of most participants, hacking night (take away lunch and dinner)
  3. Saturday 4th all Day: Makerspace and/or VIU (reserved as buffer if needed) building255/170 (Terf sessions planned get client from: http://terf.3dicc.com/client/)
  4. Saturday 4th lunch: your own responsibility, group solutions expected
  5. Saturday 4th after 6pm: First floor of Fibber Magees Station Pub http://fibbermagees.ca/
  6. Sunday 5th Sunday Brunch: Either Beefeater or LongView Brew Pub will be updated asap
  7. Sunday 5th during the day: Makerspace, "happy hacking"
  8. Sunday 5th evening dinner: about to be announced
  9. Monday 6th breakfast at Coast Bastion Inn: Departure day

  1. I will be traveling by small car from Alberta through Vancouver and could potentially provide someone a ride. Contact me and we can work out details. Ken Brown, kbrown@mac.com
  2. I will come by The Grand Hotel every morning and night. Need a ride to Makerspace? Let me know. Sebastian

  1. Tim: RaspberryPI + Scratch
  2. Sebastian: Amber first steps, VASmalltalk demo, SqueakVM/CogVM Parallela board (I will bring one!), Swagger-Spec on Gemstone
  3. Dale + Sebastian: new updated GLASSVM as a result from this weekend
  4. Andres: 3x+1
  5. Chris: Rebuilding the Squeak homepage, SqueakMap server, and Swiki showing all involved frameworks
  6. Martin: Mist, the language. Mist, the implementation.
  7. David: 2048 the ESUG awarded version, Smalltalk Introduction for Beginners if interest
  8. Nick: Smalltalk in education