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Raspberry Pi
Last updated at 9:19 pm UTC on 29 April 2017


RaspberryPi GPIO support package on SqueakMap
Squeak 5.1 runs on Pi. The VM is also in the all-in-one.


Squeak 5.0 runs on the Raspberry Pi computer. It uses the fast Cog virtual machine.

The Squeak 5.0 all-in-one bundle has a cog/spur vm ready to go on the Pi.

Sept 2015 Scratch Release on Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi 2 contains a 40 pin GPIO - General-purpose input/output circuit on board which can be accessed from Scratch. (GPIO pins)

Scratch forum
New Scratch review




Carrie Anne Philbin, Adventures in Raspberry Pi (Chapter 3)

Book for children (in Italian)

More books