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Last updated at 3:49 am UTC on 18 July 2018
When a world menu object (= an object of the class TheWorldMenu) is constructed it is done in the method #buildWorldMenu.

As the code below shows first a MenuMorph object is created ant then entries are added to it.

	"Build the menu that is put up when the screen-desktop is clicked on"
	| menu |
	menu := MenuMorph new defaultTarget: self.
	menu commandKeyHandler: self.
	self colorForDebugging: menu.
	menu addStayUpItem.

	self makeConvenient: menu.

	Smalltalk at: #ServiceGUI ifPresent:[:sgui|
		sgui worldMenu: menu.
		sgui onlyServices ifTrue: [^ menu].

	self addProjectEntries: menu.

	myWorld addUndoItemsTo: menu.

	self addRestoreDisplay: menu.
	self addUtilities: menu.
	self addObjectsAndTools: menu.
	self addPrintAndDebug: menu.

	self addSaveAndQuit: menu.

	^ menu

Version 5.0

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