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How many characters does the Unicode standard include?
Last updated at 12:13 am UTC on 11 December 2015

The Unicode Standard further includes punctuation marks, diacritics, mathematical symbols, technical symbols, arrows,
dingbats, emoji, etc. It provides codes for diacritics, which are modifying character marks such as the tilde (~), that are used
in conjunction with base characters to represent accented letters (, for example). In all, the Unicode Standard, Version 8.0
provides codes for 120,672 characters from the world's alphabets, ideograph sets, and symbol collections.

The majority of common-use characters fit into the first 64K code points, an area of the codespace that is called the basic
multilingual plane, or BMP for short. There are sixteen other supplementary planes available for encoding other characters,
with currently over 850,000 unused code points. More characters are under consideration for addition to future versions of
the standard.