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String asDecomposedUnicode
Last updated at 10:01 pm UTC on 10 December 2015
The class String has a method

 "Convert the receiver into a decomposed Unicode representation.
 	Optimized for the common case that no decomposition needs to take place."
 	| lastIndex nextIndex out decomposed |
 	lastIndex := 1.
 	nextIndex := 0.
 	[(nextIndex := nextIndex+1) = self size] whileTrue:[
 		decomposed := Unicode decompose: (self at: nextIndex).
 		decomposed ifNotNil:[
 			lastIndex = 1 ifTrue:[out := WriteStream on: (String new: self size)].
 			out nextPutAll: (self copyFrom: lastIndex to: nextIndex-1).
 			out nextPutAll: decomposed.
 			lastIndex := nextIndex+1.
 	^out ifNil:[self] ifNotNil:[
 		out nextPutAll: (self copyFrom: lastIndex to: self size).
 		out contents]

The method
 Unicode decompose: aCharacter
uses the Decompositions class variable of Unicode. This variable has been initialized from UnicodeData.txt with the Unicode Decomposition Mapping property.


'' asDecomposedUnicode
'' asDecomposedUnicode asOrderedCollection collect: [:code | code asInteger] 

an OrderedCollection(101 769)

more details


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