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Detecting Normalization Forms (Unicode)
Last updated at 8:57 am UTC on 10 December 2015
The Unicode Character Database supplies properties that allow implementations to quickly determine whether a string x is in a particular Normalization Form—for example, isNFC(x). This is, in general, many times faster than normalizing and then comparing.

The data to do this check comes from DerivedNormalizationProps.txt.


Java version
public int quickCheck(String source) {
    short lastCanonicalClass = 0;
    int result = YES;
    for (int i = 0; i < source.length(); ++i) {
        int ch = source.codepointAt(i);
        if (Character.isSupplementaryCodePoint(ch)) ++i;
        short canonicalClass = getCanonicalClass(ch);
        if (lastCanonicalClass > canonicalClass && canonicalClass != 0) {
            return NO;        }
        int check = isAllowed(ch);
        if (check == NO) return NO;
        if (check == MAYBE) result = MAYBE;
        lastCanonicalClass = canonicalClass;
    return result;

Not yet implemented in Squeak. To be added.