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Saving Workspace to a File
Last updated at 12:04 pm UTC on 8 December 2004
You can save the text content of a Workspace to a file by choosing the workspace menu (from within the workspace), then 'more...', then 'save contents to file...'.

If you work in the Morphic user environment, you can also simply save a Workspace to a file as a Morph. Click the meta-mouse-key (the one that brings up halo's) over a workspace so that halos appear for the SystemWindow (you may have to click a few times). Select the red halo -> debug ... -> save morph in a file. You can later reopen the morph from a filelist.

You can open a file using a fileList, and cut and paste into that. But you wanted a better solution than that, right?

Dan Ingalls suggests working in a fileList instead.

"Another solution to this is to work in a fileList. If you don't like the extra realEstate consumed by the list part, just 'spawn' (cmd-o) the file. A lot of people don't know about this feature of most browsers. In this case, it gives you something as simple as a workspace (without stored variables, it's true), but with file save available. -Dan"