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Smalltalk global variable
Last updated at 10:58 pm UTC on 29 January 2019
"Smalltalk" is (besides the name of the language) the name of the global variable in the system which holds the sole instance (object) of the class SmalltalkImage.

The Smalltalk object contains all global variables(including itself), most of which are references to classes.

Additionally, the Smalltalk object responds to system-wide requests like snapshot:andQuit:

 Smalltalk class 


 Smalltalk globals class

used to be

Since March 2017 (details) it is

This means references have to be changed:
An example:

In 'Update in Tools-jr.745.mcz'
 Smalltalk hasClassNamed: aClassName
is replaced with
 self environment hasClassNamed: aClassName

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