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Smalltalk Interchange File (SIF)
Last updated at 3:01 am UTC on 18 April 2017
In the ANSI NCITS 319-1998 Standard for Smalltalk, there is the definition of a Smalltalk Interchange File (SIF).


Mail to Pharo list

Pierce Ng
Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 11:45 PM
To: pharo-users@lists.pharo.org

I looked into moving source back and forth, and found an implementation of
Smalltalk Interchange File (SIF) by Eric Arseneau from the year 2000.

The Squeak version files in on Pharo 4 (and Squeak 5) and files some code out
successfully (after a small change in symbol handling).

Similarly the Dolphin version files in but fails to import a Squeak file-out, because Dolphin doesn't
understand {} in Dictionary class>>newFromPairs:.

Next step is to look at the compiler I suppose.