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NuScratch source on SqueakMap
Last updated at 7:49 pm UTC on 21 August 2019
Tim Rowledge, Dec 20, 2016
New release on SqueakMap for 5.1

tim Rowledge Sat, Jun 18, 2016 at 4:19 AM
Reply-To: The general-purpose Squeak developers list

There is now a SM entry pointing to a SqueakSource copy of the current NuScratch as per the Raspberry Pi. It is a rather substantial collection of bug fixes, performance improvements, tidy-ups, speed-ups etc to the original Scratch developed by the MIT team. Project files read and saved are fully compatible with the original system.

It runs on modern Squeak systems - I use a 5.0 with updates and it is likely that it wonít run perfectly on anything earlier than say #15852 because some time around then the help balloon stuff changed. I use a Cog/Spur system and make no representation about how well it might work on a non-spur or non-Cog system - I just donít know and donít really care.

On a RaspberryPi3 it runs large game-like Scratch programs about twice as fast as the original Scratch (a 2.8-ish image on a contemporary interpreter) runs on a modest mac laptop. Or to put it another way, itís about a gazillion times faster than original Scratch on the same Pi.

The licensing remains as per the Scratch Source Code License. You will need to download and unzip a copy of http://download.scratch.mit.edu/source-code/ScratchSkin1.4.zip before attempting to install the package.

It does not include the RaspberryPi specific GPIOServer code; that will appear in a separate package soon. That provides a way to drive al sorts of fun add-on hardware from Scratch - and indeed the lower level driver code for that provides a general Squeak access to the gpio pins and add-ons.


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