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Preferences cmdGesturesEnabled
Last updated at 4:52 pm UTC on 26 August 2016
 Preferences cmdGesturesEnabled
is a hard coded preference set to true.

It is used in the
 Morph>>handleMouseDown: anEvent

(anEvent controlKeyPressed
			and: [anEvent blueButtonChanged not
				and: [Preferences cmdGesturesEnabled]])
		ifTrue: [^ self invokeMetaMenu: anEvent].

You may add a #handleMouseDown: method to your own subclass. If you add a copy #handleMouseDown: of class Morph with
 Preferences cmdGesturesEnabled
replaced with
you will not get halos on your morph.

Another option is to use the #lock method.

 Preferences disableProgrammerFacilities
 Preferences compileAccessorForPreferenceNamed: #cmdGesturesEnabled value: false.

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