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aMorph asEPS
Last updated at 9:09 pm UTC on 29 September 2017
Example taken from this page.

m := RectangleMorph new extent: 320@240; 
         position: 10@30; 
         layoutPolicy: TableLayout new;
	   wrapDirection: #leftToRight;
10 timesRepeat: [
m addMorphBack: (EllipseMorph new color: Color red).
m addMorphBack: (EllipseMorph new color: Color green).
m addMorphBack: (EllipseMorph new color: Color blue).

Write an EPS file:
 (FileStream newFileNamed: 'myMorph.eps') nextPutAll: m asEPS; close.

Morph asEPS is implemented as
  ^ EPSCanvas morphAsPostscript: self rotated: false.

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