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ActiveHand method processEvents
Last updated at 4:38 pm UTC on 25 August 2016
An instance of HandMorph is kept in the global variable ActiveHand

The method #processEvents is part of the Morphic main event loop.

	"Process user input events from the local input devices."

	| evt evtBuf type hadAny |
	ActiveEvent ifNotNil: 
			["Meaning that we were invoked from within an event response.
		Make sure z-order is up to date"

			self mouseOverHandler processMouseOver: lastMouseEvent].
	hadAny := false.
	[(evtBuf := Sensor nextEvent) isNil] whileFalse: 
			[evt := nil.	"for unknown event types"
			type := evtBuf first.
			type = EventTypeMouse
				ifTrue: [evt := self generateMouseEvent: evtBuf].
			type = EventTypeMouseWheel
				ifTrue: [evt := self generateMouseWheelEvent: evtBuf].
			type = EventTypeKeyboard 
				ifTrue: [evt := self generateKeyboardEvent: evtBuf].
			type = EventTypeDragDropFiles 
				ifTrue: [evt := self generateDropFilesEvent: evtBuf].
			type = EventTypeWindow
				ifTrue:[evt := self generateWindowEvent: evtBuf].
			"All other events are ignored"
			(type ~= EventTypeDragDropFiles and: [evt isNil]) ifTrue: [^self].
			evt isNil 
					["Finally, handle it"

					self handleEvent: evt.
					hadAny := true.

					"For better user feedback, return immediately after a mouse event has been processed."
					evt isMouse ifTrue: [^self]]].
	"note: if we come here we didn't have any mouse events"
	mouseClickState notNil 
			["No mouse events during this cycle. Make sure click states time out accordingly"

			mouseClickState handleEvent: lastMouseEvent asMouseMove from: self].
			["No pending events. Make sure z-order is up to date"

			self mouseOverHandler processMouseOver: lastMouseEvent]