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Raven Loveless
Last updated at 3:30 pm UTC on 11 July 2001
this page will soon be changed extensively, i will soon be disconnecting from the web, this will likely be yhe only page that will remain for a while

note for Squeakers consider implementing flatland rover in squeak...and do an old style code listing prog interface for those of us who cant use the class browser well... head injury bad short term mem. then maybe i'd dump Windows and do something could do something

good luck Alan

Hi! I'm Raven Loveless... the name I go by not necessarily the one on my ID I'm a 38 year old male Goth who has been into computer software since the beginning in 1976 with the Apple II. I was interested in Smalltalk back in 1982 and was absolutely LIVID with RAGE when Xerox basically SOLD OUT to the Data Analysis Division of the CIA. As a result we got only the mice and windows but not the ease of creating our own software. From 1985 to 1990 I worked for a major university medical research unit doing custom software and hardware, when the Gulf War was about to start the grant that paid for my job went poof and it turns out I wasn't doing stuff to make surgical anasthesia safer but really "nerve gas antidote" research support. Spent 8 years homeless in CA.. NOT FUN trying to get into industry again. NO luck just startups that went nowhere and dumped me back on street. Now live in Ohio and work in plastics industry to support self and computer.

immersive virtual reality
getting RID of MS Windows C& C++ Java JavaScript... they SUCK
Forth Smalltalk and other non-mainstream OOP langs
better Web protocols
Open Source
making software affordable to ALL

Utter Turnoffs
Internic fees$$$
DNS (central Web Censorship)
$500-$1000 VR software
MS Anything
VRML... nice idea bad implementation
Javascript as script lang... too slow to do much
Xerox Stupidity, Cosmo World$$$$, CIA
"Free" servers where displaying ads more important than page

What I Wanna BE ABLE to DO
Quake like immersive VR but dynamic not fixed
W/ Chat, Avatars, Physics/behavior
Integrated browser, 3D VR GUI, builtin prog lang/OS fast like Forth
but easy like OLD Smalltalk80
Distributed nameserving based on IP numbers
Real distributed processing

Things I've looked AT
Flatland Rover(www.flatland.com)... no scripting, slow, not dyn,
no avatars
VRML... ALL decent tools priced only for the ULTRA-RICH corporate
fatcats or not sold in US... WHY theres hardly ANY VRML on Web

My E-mail