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How to create a 'go back to previous project' button
Last updated at 10:18 am UTC on 5 April 2018
This example shows how to configure a SimpleButtonMorph so that when pressed the previous Project is activated.

Put the code into a Workspace, select it, and choose 'do-it':

    s := SimpleButtonMorph new.
    s target: Project current world
    s label: 'prev'.
    s position: 20 @ (Display height - 40).
    s actionSelector: #goBack.
    s openInHand.

This creates a 'go-to-previous-project' button. It may be handy to move it into a parts-bin for easy access and copying in other projects.

Another solution – use of the 'button for it' menu entry.

See also How create a button to jump to the parent project