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aBookMorph loadImagesIntoBook
Last updated at 6:30 pm UTC on 29 August 2016
The method below of BookMorph loads pictures as a series of pages.

You might need to adapt / update it so that it fits your purpose.

	"PowerPoint stores GIF presentations as individual slides named Slide1, Slide2, etc.
	Load these into the book.  mjg 9/99"

	| directory filenumber form newpage |
	directory := ((StandardFileMenu oldFileFrom: FileDirectory default) 
				ifNil: [^nil]) directory.
	directory isNil ifTrue: [^nil].

	"Start loading 'em up!"
	filenumber := 1.
	[directory fileExists: 'Slide' , filenumber asString] whileTrue: 
				show: 'Slide' , filenumber asString;
			Smalltalk bytesLeft < 1000000 
					["Make some room"

					(self valueOfProperty: #url) isNil 
						ifTrue: [self savePagesOnURL]
						ifFalse: [self saveAsNumberedURLs]].
			form := Form 
						fromFileNamed: (directory fullNameFor: 'Slide' , filenumber asString).
			newpage := PasteUpMorph new extent: form extent.
			newpage addMorph: (World drawingClass withForm: form).
			self pages addLast: newpage.
			filenumber := filenumber + 1].

	"After adding all, delete the first page."
	self goToPage: 1.
	self deletePageBasic.

	"Save the book"
	(self valueOfProperty: #url) isNil 
		ifTrue: [self savePagesOnURL]
		ifFalse: [self saveAsNumberedURLs]