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Last updated at 7:50 am UTC on 3 September 2016
Note on Pharo User list

Sat, Sep 3, 2016 at 7:54 AM
Reply-To: Any question about pharo is welcome
To: pharo-users@lists.pharo.org

Peter, you're using an ancient version with bugs that were fixed last fall. The newest version has more tests and correct behavior (checked against a reference implementation). Just download a new Moose image and you'll get it, along with an up to date XMLParser. (But if you insist on upgrading in your old image, run "XPath initialize" after)

The binary syntax (there are keyword equivalents now) officially only supports XPath axis selectors like #/ and #// that take node test arguments where the node tests can be name tests like

'name,' '*', 'prefix:*' or type tests like 'text()', 'comment()', 'element(name)'.

Filters aren't officially supported with that syntax, but you can always use select: on the result. ?? was removed, but I might add it back as shorthand. Filters are implemented differently now.

Where is the code maintained?