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TextStyle knownTextStyles
Last updated at 3:12 pm UTC on 7 September 2016
Answer the names of the known text styles, sorted in alphabetical order

 TextStyle knownTextStyles

 (TextConstants select: [:t | t isKindOf: TextStyle]) keys asArray sort

Question February 20, 2004: I wanted to know something about a method you implemented in the past. I was implementing this method:
	"Answer the names of the known text styles, sorted in 
     alphabetical order without default"
    	"TextStyle knownTextStylesWithoutDefault"
	| result |
	result := self knownTextStyles asOrderedCollection.
	result remove: #DefaultFixedTextStyle.
	result remove:  #DefaultTextStyle.
	^ result
so that I can query all the styles and after I saw that you defined
	| aDict |
	"TextStyle actualTextStyles"
    	"Answer dictionary whose keys are the names of styles in the
      system and whose values are the actual styles"    
	aDict _ TextConstants select: [:thang | thang isKindOf: self ].
	aDict removeKey: #DefaultTextStyle.
	aDict removeKey: #DefaultFixedTextStyle.
	^ aDict
And now I'm confused because the dictionary that you return only contains one font (for example Accuat12 but not the ones that are possible for example Accuat18). So can you let me know the differences?
Answer Ned Konz You're getting confused between TextStyle and Font: TextStyles have one or more fonts in them.