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Last updated at 4:56 pm UTC on 4 November 2017
Newly added class in Squeak 5.1

Maps Text to HTML.

The method #mapTagToAttribut: describes the mapping.

 mapTagToAttribute: aTag

	aTag = '<b>' ifTrue: [^ {TextEmphasis bold}].
        aTag = '<i>' ifTrue: [^ {TextEmphasis italic}].
	aTag = '<u>' ifTrue: [^ {TextEmphasis underlined}].
	(aTag beginsWith: '<font') ifTrue: [^ self mapFontTag: aTag].
	(aTag beginsWith: '<a') ifTrue: [^ self mapATag: aTag].

	"h1, h2, h3, ..."
	(aTag second = $h and: [aTag third isDigit])
		ifTrue: [^ {TextEmphasis bold}].

	^ {}

HtmlReadWriterTest gives examples.

See also