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Robin Stephenson
Last updated at 11:26 am UTC on 6 May 1999
Hi. I'm a programmer, and I've recently been working for publishing firms on document processing, authentication and other web-related ptojects. I run Linux at home on a UDB I picked up cheap, so I'm interested in getting Squeak to work on 64-bit Linux. I'm moving jobs in the near future, so I'm planning on buying a laptop. Hopefully Squeak will give me something productive to do during my commutes.

I mostly seem to be programming in Perl these days, but I've got experience in Scheme, C++, Java, C and various other lesser-known bits and bobs. Hopefully Squeak will be another interesting and useful string to my bow.

My email address is currently mailto:robin.stephenson@blackwell.co.uk, but as I say I'll be moving jobs shortly. Hopefully I'll be able to keep the address for a few weeks though...