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SISS code example
Last updated at 8:59 pm UTC on 29 September 2016
A SISS code example
MSExpParser test1

        | str1 str2 str3 |
        str1 _ '(script :name "testscript1:" :type "Player" :player "12"
                (parameter :name "parameter" :type "Number" :position "1")
                        (loop :type "repeat"
                                (initial (literal :value "0"))
                                (increment (literal :value "1"))
                                (test (send :type "Number"
                (selector :selector "+")
                (send :type "Number"
                        (selector :getter "x")
                        (literal :type "Player" :value "self"))
                (literal :type "Number" :value "1")))
                                        (assign :type "Number" :updating "Incr:" :property "x"
                                                (literal :type "Player" :value "4")
                                                (send :type "Number"
                                                        (selector :selector "+")
                                                        (literal :type "Number" :value "244.0")
                                                        (literal :type "Number" :value "1")))))))'.

SISS is used in Squeak 6.0 alpha.