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doMenuOn: aDockingBar
Last updated at 12:45 pm UTC on 11 October 2016
New menu on TheWorldMainDockingBar which is new in Squeak version 5.1. A place to put your custom Smalltalk expressions.

doMenuOn: aDockingBar 

	aDockingBar addItem: [ :item |
			contents: 'Do' translated;
			subMenuUpdater: self
			selector: #listCommonRequestsOn: ]

 listCommonRequestsOn: aMenu

	| strings |
	strings := Utilities commonRequestStrings contents.

	strings asString linesDo: [:aString |
		aString = '-'
			ifTrue: [aMenu addLine]
			ifFalse: [aMenu add: (aString ifEmpty: [' ']) target: Utilities selector: #eval: argument: aString]].

	aMenu addLine.
	aMenu add: 'edit this list' translated target: Utilities action: #editCommonRequestStrings.