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Utilities initializeCommonRequestStrings
Last updated at 12:42 pm UTC on 11 October 2016
Version 5.1

 	"Initialize the common request strings, a directly-editable list of expressions that can be evaluated from the 'do...' menu."
 	CommonRequestStrings := StringHolder new contents: 
 'Utilities emergencyCollapse.
 Utilities closeAllDebuggers.
 Sensor keyboard.
 ParagraphEditor abandonChangeText.
 Cursor normal show.
 CommandHistory resetAllHistory.
 Project allInstancesDo: [:p | p displayDepth: 16].
 ScriptingSystem inspectFormDictionary.
 Form fromUser bitEdit.
 Display border: (0@0 extent: 640@480) width: 2.
 Undeclared inspect.
 Undeclared removeUnreferencedKeys; inspect.
 Transcript clear.
 Utilities grabScreenAndSaveOnDisk.
 FrameRateMorph new openInHand.
 Utilities reconstructTextWindowsFromFileNamed: ''TW''.
 Utilities storeTextWindowContentsToFileNamed: ''TW''.
 ChangeSorter removeEmptyUnnamedChangeSets.
 ChangeSorter reorderChangeSets.
 ActiveWorld installVectorVocabulary.
 ActiveWorld abandonVocabularyPreference.
 Smalltalk saveAsNewVersion'
 "Utilities initializeCommonRequestStrings"