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TheWorldMenuDockingBar instance
Last updated at 6:15 am UTC on 13 November 2017
The 'TheWorldMainDockingBar' is a singleton.

It is accessed from MorphicProject as follows


	^ self
		projectParameterAt: #dockingBar
		ifAbsent: [ TheWorldMainDockingBar instance ]

This gives you the project specific dockingBar instance which was initialized when the project was setup. Or if there is no such project specific docking bar it gives you the general dockingBar instance from TheWorldMainDockingBar singleton.

You can do the initialisation in your subclass of MorphicProject call a method #configureOnFirstEntry, see Project finalEnterActions:.

For creating your own world menu in a your own MorphicProject subclass see
Subclassing MorphicProject, TheWorldMenu and PasteUpMorph