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Squeak speaks!
Last updated at 4:39 pm UTC on 18 September 2021
Squeak includes the KlattSynthesizer, a Klatt-style cascade-parallel formant synthesizer. To try some examples, take a look at the 'examples' class method categories in the DECTalkReader and Speaker classes.

For example, try a DoIt on the following (and make sure you have the sound turned on ;-) ):

    Speaker man say: 'Listen to my voice. I am a man speaking.'.

    Speaker whispery say: 'This is my whispery voice.'

Or try entering your own phrase in the quotes.

More examples are available in the Speaker class-side 'examples' category, which also illustrate how to set pitch, voice, range, etc.

Facial animation

Try this variation to see an animated face speak a phrase:

    Speaker manWithHead say: 'This is my voice. Can you see my lips?'

Until you've experienced it, you can have no idea how truly wierd it is to hear Stephen Hawking doing the Time Warp ("it's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right...").

Lawrence Press

Install Speech

Development of the Speech package continues here: http://www.squeaksource.com/Speech.html
There is also an older version on SqueakMap, this is a just a SAR for the file-out of the 3.4 "Speech-" class categories: