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Flaps initializeFlapsQuads
Last updated at 2:05 pm UTC on 31 October 2017
Reset the flaps:

 Flaps initialize

 Flaps initializeFlapsQuads
	"initialize the list of dynamic flaps quads.
	self initializeFlapsQuads"

	FlapsQuads := nil. 

	self registeredFlapsQuads 
                 at: 'PlugIn Supplies' put: self defaultsQuadsDefiningPlugInSuppliesFlap;
		 at: 'Stack Tools'     put: self defaultsQuadsDefiningStackToolsFlap;
		 at: 'Supplies'        put: self defaultsQuadsDefiningSuppliesFlap;
		 at: 'Tools'           put: self defaultsQuadsDefiningToolsFlap;
		 at: 'Widgets'         put: self defaultsQuadsDefiningWidgetsFlap.

	^ self registeredFlapsQuads

	"Answer the list of dynamic flaps quads"
	FlapsQuads ifNil: [FlapsQuads := Dictionary new].
	^ FlapsQuads