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Etoys in 2017
Last updated at 5:35 am UTC on 13 February 2017
In August 2016 Etoys was merged back into the trunk.

Status in 2017

How do I open an Etoys project in the current 6.0a development image?

You simply drop it in. E.g. download this project

What is the status of it currently? Is it ready for limited use?

The trunk image is ready for experimenting, but not for use with students. Tim Felgentreff built an image based on trunk that they actually used for an online course at HPI in Potsdam:


That image contains quite a few hacks, including one that makes it use German by default. You can download it here:


You could help by porting some stuff from that image to trunk. I imagine having an "Etoys" entry in the "open" menu that would create a new morphic project and set up the preferences suitable for Etoys. That would it make way easier to experiment and fix stuff that is still broken.