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Squeak Trunk Version
Last updated at 12:58 pm UTC on 29 June 2018
The trunk version is the most recent developer version:


In May 2018 it was decided by the Squeak board to go for a 5.2 release instead of directly for a 6.0 release.
This is because more time will be required to deal with ephemerons and the Etoys cleanup (Etoys in 2018).

Therefore the trunk folder was changed from 6.0alpha to 5.2alpha.

The 6.0alpha directory still exists but has not been updated since May 2018 as all new changes go into 5.2alpha currently.

This actually means that 5.2alpha is newer than 6.0alpha!

See http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/squeak-dev/2018-May/198858.html for the announcement and discussion

2017 - May 2018


The downloads include 'All-in-one packages' which makes testing easy.

For more information about the trunk see A New Community Development Model (2009)