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UserInterfaceTheme - coloring recommendations
Last updated at 8:47 am UTC on 20 March 2017

Paul DeBruicker

Selected post Jan 31, 2017; 4:08am
WCAG color contrast rules - was: Re: These beautiful tooltips

In reply to this post by HilaireFernandes
One way to address this going forward is for theme developers to check their color selections against the e.g. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


Using a readily available tool:


And/or one that makes suggestions of contrasting colors for a palette:


And all themes could be subject to passing at a minimum contrast grade (AA seems not too hard?) before being added to the core. And in that way we have a standard of 'good enough' that is more widely accepted than 'works on my machine, for my eyes, in this physical space, with this ambient lighting'