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What do I do if I break the trunk update stream?
Last updated at 2:52 am UTC on 11 February 2018
Eliot Miranda
Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 11:34 PM

To: The general-purpose Squeak developers list


I think the information to share is what to do when one breaks the update stream. My understandings my of what to do may be incorrect but is the following:

1. inform people on Squeak-dev asap (which may not be possible because others may have found out before you :-) )

2. if the version can be done without then take it off of source.squeak.org. If you're not a maintainer, ask a maintainer to delete it, otherwise delete it yourself. Comment of Levente Uzoni: "IMO this is a last resort solution for the cases when posting a new version would not help." Remark by Bert Freudenberg: Right. Because unless a version is explicitly mentioned in an update map, the updater will only try to load/merge the latest version. Hence the bad version is simply skipped. This is a lot simpler than having to delete the previous version. Just be sure when testing the fix to roll back before the bad version, then load the newest one.

3. Move your version to some save directory out of your package cache so it doesn't reappear

4. Roll back your image and try and produce a new version that does not crash update

5. Upload the new version

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