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Last updated at 3:52 pm UTC on 5 October 2017
GTSpotter is the main search tool in Pharo.

Search is pervasive in software development. Yet, most IDEs treat it somewhat as a side issue. As a consequence, you get multiple different search interfaces within the same environment, each of them being limited to a specific search, and not being composable with other search intefaces.

GTSpotter is moldable. The default Pharo 5.0 image comes out-of-the-box with 122 distinct types of search processors. Understanding and controlling these processors is key for using Spotter to its full extent.

Squeak has a smart search tool (implemented as SearchBar) in the menu bar. You may adapt it to your particular search needs as well by changing the method #smartSearch:in:.

See Vivide for a moldable environment based on Squeak.